Personal Development

What If Days Were Dollars?

The old saying “another day, another dollar” is often uttered with a shrug by people who’ve spent a good deal of their lives at dull, routine jobs. When I heard someone use that expression the other day, I started thinking, “What if days really were dollars?”  And if they were, how many “dollars” would a person get in a lifetime?…

Business Growth

Blocking and Tackling Tips for Going the Distance

“Some people try to find things in this game that don’t exist, but football is only two things: blocking and tackling.” ~ Vince Lombardi, Legendary Green Bay Packers football coach Business leaders would do well to take a lesson from Lombardi as they plot their growth strategies. To win, or grow, you must focus day in and day out on…

Customer Service

Are You a Welcoming Company?

If you are, stop it. Right now. Companies the world over strive to be welcoming—to make customers, guests, clients feel at home and at ease with every interaction and touch point. Whether the experience occurs in their retail stores, in their hotels and recreational facilities, on their websites or in their corporate offices, companies train employees to offer services and…

Personal Development

It’s About Time

Most of us agree we don’t have enough time. Yet if anything in this world is “equal opportunity,” it’s time. We each get 365 days a years; and each day, unwaveringly, presents each of us with 24 hours, and each hour delivers 60 minutes, and each minute supplies 60 seconds. There are no exceptions to that rhythm. Why is it…